1860 - 1912 (5)
Origins of the ANC
1913 - 1949 (40)
Petitions for Change
1950 - 1961 (62)
Peaceful Protest
1962 - 1990 (225)
Armed Resistance & Mass Mobilisation
1990 - 2012 (43)
Negotiations & Governance


Alliances (85)
Partners in the struggleThe ANC has alliances with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Congress of South African Trade Unions(COSATU).
Apartheid (56)
The oppressive system of racial segregation Apartheid aimed to separate the different race groups completely through laws like the Population Registration Act, Group areas Act and Bantu Education Act, and through stricter pass laws and forced removals.
Conflict (65)
The price of freedomIn the confrontation between the forces of freedom and the forces of oppression in Southern Africa many people lost their lives.
Leadership (98)
Unbroken successionThe ANC leadership have showed a selfless dedication to the struggle for a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society.
Jacob Zuma (2)
Nelson Mandela (37)
Trevor Manuel (1)
Walter Sisulu (2)
Solidarity (64)
United in the struggleThe founders of the ANC recognised from the start that the South African liberation struggle was not isolated from the numerous liberation struggles across the continent and the globe.
Women (35)
Women in the ANC Women have played an important role in the liberation struggle as members of the ANC and allied organisations, as trade unionists and in other capacities. They carried on militant campaigns against the hated pass laws. They participated in the underground and armed struggle when that became indispensable. Many women suffered restriction, imprisonment, torture and even brutal assassination by the racist regime.

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