United in the struggleThe founders of the ANC recognised from the start that the South African liberation struggle was not isolated from the numerous liberation struggles across the continent and the globe.

Election mobilising campaign

An ANC flag is flown by enthusiastic members before the election.

Rivonia Treason Trialists released

A demonstration welcoming back the recently released Rivonia Treason Trialists on their visit to Tanzania.

Children learn at SOMAFCO

Children learn at SOMAFCO (Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College). The college was an ANC school set up for ANC exiles in Tanzania to equip South Africans that were becoming aware of the poor standard of education they were receiving under apartheid. The building of the school started in 1977 and opened in 1978 as a response to the influx of young South Africans to exile. Many had been part of the uprisings in South Africa in 1976. The objective of the college was to create a political school that would prepare cadres to serve the national struggle of the people of South Africa. The settlement was not simply an educational institution but included a clinic, a daycare centre, a clothing factory, and a worming farm.

SOMAFCO primary school in Tanzania

Students on bicycles at SOMAFCO Primary school in Tanzania.

SOMAFCO classes

Primary education class in SOMAFCO. Late 1980s

Women’s Day celebration at SOMAFCO

This is a Women's Day celebration during the exile years in Tanzania.

International community support

People of the international community were very supportive during the exile years. They welcomed the exiled South Africans with open arms and embraced them as their brothers and sisters.

Detention Action Committee

During the apartheid years civil societies were formed to represent various groups including the rights of prisoners.

High school at SOMAFCO

High School Education Class in SOMAFCO. Late 1980s

Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture

Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture on Disarmament and Development with speeches by Oliver Tambo and Allan Boesak.

ANC 2nd Youth Conference

The ANC 2nd consecutive Youth Conference in 1987.

SOMAFCO Art Workshop

An art workshop at SOMAFCO, Tanzania in 1987.

Mazimbu: Behind the lines of a Liberation Movement

A clip from a documentary film about the Mazimbu - a small town built for ANC exiles that inludes the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College, daycare and medical facilities, a development centre for families to reside in, and many other projects.

End conscription campaigns

Part of the campaign to end conscription. This was also a manifestation of the non-racial component of the struggle.

Music Video: Amandla 86

A music video of the song Amandla in a studio with a band, singers and dancers.

Thomas Nkobi at SOMAFCO

Thomas Nkobi was the Treasurer General of the ANC with Dulcie September and students at SOMAFCO.

Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College

This photo is the manifestation of the International solidarity that the ANC enjoyed in exile.

Holland Solidarity Hospital at SOMAFCO

Mendi Msimang (centre) was head of the National Education Council of the ANC, with Alfred Nzo at the opening of the ANC Holland Solidarity Hospital at SOMAFCO.

Yusuf Dadoo

Dr Yusuf Dadoo was the leader of the Transvaal Indian Congress and was very instrumental in the formation of the Doctors Pact. The pact was signed by Dr Naicker of the Natal Indian Congress, Dr Yusuf Dadoo of the Transvaal Indian Congress and Dr Xuma of the African National Congress.