Women in the ANC Women have played an important role in the liberation struggle as members of the ANC and allied organisations, as trade unionists and in other capacities. They carried on militant campaigns against the hated pass laws. They participated in the underground and armed struggle when that became indispensable. Many women suffered restriction, imprisonment, torture and even brutal assassination by the racist regime.

Tour of Japan

A group of young cultural workers called Committed Artists toured Japan in 1990. This was in line with the campaign that the ANC was doing for the readmission of South Africa to the international community.

Celebrations of the release of Nelson Mandela

ANC women cellebrating the releaase of Nelson Mandela.

Women’s Day celebration at SOMAFCO

This is a Women's Day celebration during the exile years in Tanzania.

ANC 2nd Women’s Conference

The ANC 2nd consecutive Women's Conference in 1987.

South African Women’s Rights

Vukani Makhosikazi: South African Women Speak Artwork of an African woman with a baby on her hip in the foreground. Thatched huts township houses and red rising sun in background.

Black Sash

Candle light vigil by the Black Sash movement.

Dorothy Nyembe

A poster for Dorothy Nyembe. She was in jailed from 1969 to 1984 and was a symbol of the courage and resilience ANC women.

Join uMkhonto We Sizwe

Women arise and act! Join uMkhonto We Sizwe. This poster was produced after an attack on an army base in Voortrekker Hoogte where the ANC used the Grad-P light portable rocket system for the first time.

Helen Joseph

Helen Joseph was a South African anti-apartheid activist, and was also a defendant at the 1956 Treason Trial.

25 years of militant struggle

During the apartheid years artists from different walks of life came together to support the boycott of culture under apartheid regime. The group was called MEDU.


Unban the ANC is written on a banner during an anti-apartheid march. This picture was taken in the 1980s. This was a time of mass mobilization. Even in the hospitals doctors and nurses were on strike. It was a time of total resistance after a series of States of Emergency.

Mary Ngozi at the Dakawa Centre

Mary Ngozi, Administrator at Dakawa Centre, Tanzania.

Nyerere Brigade – Mazimbu Community

A SOMAFCO female comrades brigade, during Letsema event in the early 1980's.

Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College

During the exile years the ANC community always remembered the Soweto Uprisings as the event that changed the political history of South Africa. John Pampallis left of the woman speaking.

Women Unite

Women fighting for their rights, on National Women's Day 9 August.

25th Anniversary of South African Women’s Day August 9th

A poster produced in London commemorating the 25th Anniversary of South African Women's Day on August 9th.

Saul Mkhize Shot Dead

The United Woman's Organisation joined in condemning the shooting of Saul Mkhize. Mkhize was a community leader shot by security police in Driefontein near Piet Retief in the South-Eastern Transvaal.

Forward to unity and commitment

Taking the demands of the mothers and children to the corridors of power.